Traveling To New York? Here’s How To Pack Your Suitcase The Right Way!

Traveling to New York can be an exciting time. For many the break is short, which means packing the essentials is vital and placing them in the correct position and compartments in your suitcase will save valuable time, which will be much better spent touring our beautiful and diverse city.

For this article we spoke to the travel experts over at Travelhobo, to rack there brains and get some great advice on the best possible way to pack your suitcase, for bot short mini breaks and longer trips.

Traveling To New York? Here’s How To Pack Your Suitcase The Right Way!
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There are many ways to collect your clothes together in a suitcase, and this is the best of them:


First: we start with clothes.

Step 1: Collect the clothes you need most, put them together.
Step 2: you fold the stiff clothes and roll your soft ones. Put them nicely in order side by side so it would save you a space for more stuff.
Step 3: put your soft, rolled clothes in the bottom of the suitcase.
Step 4: you should put your clothes that you’ll need first on the top.
Step 5: try covering your clothes with a dry-cleaning bag. It helps to keep each section of your clothes in the right order.
Step 6: roll your belts, put your cleaning and beauty stuff in the bottom and around the perimeter of the suitcase.

Second: shoes.
Step 1: If your suitcase is big enough, then it would be better if you put your shoes on the top of your clothes layered with the dry cleaning bag.
Step 2: put the shoes you wear the most first, then your secondary shoes as in sport’s shoes, socks, and flip-flops.

Third: accessories.
Step 1: get to the small pockets on the side of your suitcase, and put your watches and wristbands in them.
Step 2: in the case of phone chargers and power banks, you pull the cables out, roll them alone and put them together, put the chargers and the power banks together so it would ease up for you If you’re looking for them.
If you have a wired headphone, it’s better to find a small case for it because it’s the easiest thing to get tangled with almost anything else.

Fourth: perfumes and beauty stuff.
It’s much better if you get a small bag for your perfumes and beauty stuff and organize them all together.

In case you have a dirty laundry, that –for sure- cannot be mixed with your clothes.


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